Volunteer Registration

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Chemainus Harvest House Food Bank Society, and for taking the time to fill in this
Volunteer Registration. All volunteers will be scheduled for an interview, be expected to familiarize themselves with the volunteer manual, sign the Volunteer Oath and be willing to submit and Criminal Record Check. These forms will be provided upon receiving this registration form.

It is understood all volunteers of Chemainus Harvest House Food Bank:

  • Abide by the code(s) of conduct and confidentiality
  • Support the initiatives of the Society
  • Arrange for a replacement if unable to work as scheduled
  • Take direction from the individual in charge of your shift
  • Must provide a Criminal Record Check (provided upon receipt of registration form)
  • Must sign the Volunteer Oath (provided upon receipt of registration form)
  • Read and sign the volunteer manual

Note: Recipients may volunteer with Harvest House Food Bank, but may not be members of the Chemainus Harvest House Society. All volunteers are encouraged to become members of Chemainus Harvest House Food Bank Society as membership numbers are a consideration when the Society applies for funding. These forms are provided at orientation.

Thanks for your interest in working alongside us to serve our community!


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    Volunteering sometimes requires lifting (heavy at times), shifts of 2 – 3 hours bagging, cutting, packaging, climbing a short flight of cement stairs, picking up donated items, and helping with food drives.

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    If yes, please identify any medical issues or physical limitations so we can best suggest volunteer duties.
    Please be aware that Chemainus Harvest House Society Food Bank Society does not assume any liability for injury or medical condition incurred while volunteering with the Society.

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